History of St. Madeleine Sophie School

breakingGround History PageSt. Madeleine Sophie School celebrated our 50th year in 2010. So many years ago, Fathers Woods and Walsh and their congregation dreamed of building a parish school – a school which would instill in its students a love of God and a continued desire to do good works in His name. Many people worked very hard to gather the resources to construct and sustain a place where children could walk in God’s presence every day. Members of the original building committee tirelessly raised funds to build our school. They had faith that their children would live His word and grow not only in their life skills, but in their spiritual beliefs. A plot of dirt was transformed into an extended home- a safe place where children could learn and nurture life-long relationships with teachers, friends, God and their parish community. The cornerstone was laid on October 24, 1959 and school opened in September 1960.
Today, over 50 years later our faith still helps us to continue the dream to keep our children safe, and provide them with a strong academic foundation while encouraging them to continue to build the same loving relationship with God that over a thousand St. Madeleine Sophie School alumni had the privilege to experience.